The second test training in the downhill was canceled


In Lenzerheide, where the first races of the World Cup Final were scheduled to take place tomorrow, the weather is the main obstacle to the race. In Switzerland, it is currently snowing and blowing a strong wind. Both control training sessions, both for men and women, have already been canceled.

It is already known for sure that the program of the stage will be changed. So far, there is no talk of a complete abolition of downhill skiing. At the moment, the organizers are considering two options: to hold training sessions tomorrow immediately before the races themselves, or to remove the team race scheduled for Friday from the program of the KM final, to hold training sessions tomorrow, on Thursday the downhill races themselves, on Friday the supergiant, and on the weekend, as originally planned, technical disciplines. There is still a third option, that tomorrow will be held supergiant, and the downhill on Thursday or Friday. There is no talk of a complete cancellation of downhill skiing at the World Cup Final.

We will inform you about the final decision of the organizers later on the page of our group. Keep your finger on the pulse of events with us.

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