Swiss skier harmed in Saalbach


After the opposition in Kitzbühel, Swiss Urs Krienbühl made a trip to Saalbach (Austria) to race in the European Cup, just to stay in shape. He isn’t among the Swiss remembered for the Olympic group that will go to Beijing. Sadly, the 28-year-old Swiss skier fell during the very monster and gotten genuine wounds: a crack of the pelvis and harm to the ligament of the pelvis. He has as of now been shipped off Zurich, where he was effectively worked on today.
The other day, he came in just short of the win in the declining of the European Cup, and in the super-G, which was won by the Italian Giovanni Franzoni, Urs went to the best time, however at that point fell and was harmed.

Fans recollect a horrendous fall on the last meters of the track in Kitzbühel a year prior, when the Swiss experienced a serious head injury and a torn cruciate tendon in the knee. After a long recuperation period, Krinbühl got back to the World Cup, yet has not yet been on the platform. His best World Cup finish this season is sixteenth in the declining at Beaver Creek. The Swiss Ski Federation reports that the inside organs are not impacted by the fall in Austria, Urs has as of now started one more round of recuperation.

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