Sofia Goggia: what are the opportunities for the Olympics?


Sophia Goggia of Italy has begun one more excursion towards her re-visitation of the tracks today – she is as of now going through treatment in the pool. Andrea Pinceri, leader of the FISI Medical Commission (Italian Winter Sports Federation), said whether it merits trusting that the Olympic top dog will go to Beijing.
From January 23rd and the injury of the left knee, got because of a fall in the super-G in Cortina, until February twelfth, when the main Olympic downhill preparation will occur in Beijing – just 20 days. The actual race is planned for February fifteenth.

Unimaginable? Not really for Sophia Goji, and this is affirmed by Dr. Andrea Panzeri. Recently, along with Dr. Herbert Schönhuber, he visited this remarkable competitor in the Milan center La Madonnina. Tragically, her whole games vocation is related with wounds, and the specialists are very much familiar with Sofia. The expressions of Dr. Panzeri affirm: the league would not have reported the conceivable cooperation of Goji in the Olympic Games assuming there was no expectation. “Sofia will begin treatment today with water works out, then, at that point, consistently she will prepare somewhat more to get the sensation she wants to return to skiing. Obviously, she will possibly go to Beijing on the off chance that she is serious, in any case there is no point: there should be all to run this race at her level.”
Panzeri added: “The way to the Olympics should stay open, regardless of whether there is almost no time left. We should depend on Sophia’s solidarity and her standard strategies for recuperation. She should initially feel it, we can give the approval, yet the choice will be hers. We are discussing Olympics, it’s worth the effort, however the injury, obviously, was not kidding.”

“Neither Dr. Schönhuber nor I would need to go through this once more. Simply a year prior, we were here before the World Championships in Cortina when she was at her pinnacle, only a couple of steps from the headliner. Furthermore we would have rather not rehash everything. “She is solid, lately she has consistently shown that she can recuperate, both actually and mentally. How about we check whether she can play out a wonder this time. Sophia realizes her knee well, she has as of now chipped away at it. Since the cruciate tendon was recreated , her incomplete harm may not be intense. Now, the primary thing is herself, her musings and her solidarity. As a rule, we can in any case say: “She can get it done,” which is great. There is a possibility, we should attempt use it. In any case, she will triumph ultimately the final word.”

The World Cup for Sofia, indeed, is finished. There stays a spooky chance to win a second back to back “Little Crystal Globe” in the declining. In any case, this can occur on the off chance that Goja can show great outcomes toward the finish of February in Crans Montana, where there will be two drops. There are four additional races in the World Cup schedule before the finish of the period and Sofia Goja is currently in the number one spot, 136 focuses in front of Ramona Siebenhofer and 160 focuses in front of Breezy Johnson.

Obviously, the fantasy of a World Cup in the general standings, which actually stayed until the previous fall, is gone, particularly with the manner in which Mikaela Shiffrin and Petra Vlhova are performing. Goja should be the banner carrier for the group at the Olympics. However, presently this is an unavoidable issue, particularly given the insane speed of recuperation for the re-visitation of the track on February twelfth.

The Olympic timetable for Goji will be extremely short: no goliath slalom (ladies’ first race booked for Monday 7 February), no super-G on 11 February. From February 12 to February 14, three downhill instructional courses are to happen on a totally new and obscure track. The actual race should happen on the penultimate day of rivalry, February 15 – and this is the primary objective for which the excessive Italian is again prepared for an accomplishment.

In the interim, Mikaela Shiffrin posted a message via online media devoted to the Italian, just as the harmed the other day, Breezy Johnson. “Sofia’s fall helps us to remember how fierce this game can be. However, she actually gets an opportunity to participate in the Olympic downhill, and the way that she got back on skis and come to the end goal is a demonstration of her solidarity, yet And that she won’t ever surrender.
“Truth be told (as Ragnhild Mowinkel and numerous others have effectively said), we truly trust that the No. 1 and negative. 2 downhill skiers will actually want to contend in the Olympics. I’m certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sophia Goja and Breezy Johnson will do all that could be within reach to occurred. We as a whole wish them an expedient return and strength,” she composed.

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