Friends, Anna Veith career has come to an end. Thank you to her for everything and without regret and without patting each other on the shoulder, with a challenge and confidence, we look together with her into the future. Good luck Anna!

I‘m ready for the next chapter. My heart and head are telling me it‘s time to do something new. And so, I have decided to retire from ski racing.

Skiing is my whole life. It has made me who I am today and will always be something I’m passionate about. I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, to learn and achieve in the past fifteen years. I’ve been able to fulfil my childhood dreams and more.

I could never have imagined, that skiing would teach me so much. It’s not just about winning or losing for me. It‘s building and being a team. I truly believe that this is what takes you to the top.

I have been lucky to have many people stand by my side, even when success didn’t always come. For those people and partners, I will be forever grateful. Thank you for believing in me. I have made friends for life and will always look back on my experiences with a huge smile.

Now, I‘m excited to see what the future holds and look forward to seeing many of you there. Thank you, for your endless support. It has always and continues to mean so much to me

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