Ilka Stuhec looks forward to the start of ski training in the third decade of may


The best Slovenian Alpine skier of recent years, two-time world champion in downhill Ilka Stuhec, can breathe a sigh of relief: the prospect of starting ski training in may has become absolutely real. Starting next Monday, she will probably train with other athletes from her country’s national team in Alpine Kanin. There is a lot of natural snow and excellent conditions for skiing.

Training should start on may 19, if the weather conditions are optimal. It is expected that the women’s team will already move to Kanon by this time, and the question of starting ski training for the Slovenian men’s team is also being considered, reports

Kanin is a mountain range in the Julian Alps, on the border of Slovenia and Italy. The highest peak of the massif reaches a height of 2587 m.

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