Johan Klare : “What is behind the results”

World cup

Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Everything will work out if you persist in achieving something. I am sure that in life everything is the same as in sports. This is my credo.

My weakness is that … maybe… am I … too old? No, no! Maybe I need a new vehicle to go faster…

I never give up, I’m that kind of person… and my weakness is I’m probably too shy and maybe too soft with people. And in our world, it doesn’t seem to be very great. 

The accident that happened to David two years ago, I think, changed my whole life. I feel much calmer and more confident at the start and I have a positive view of the world. And I believe that my current worldview is radically different from what it was two years ago, three years ago, when I was younger. And I think it makes a huge difference. 

I believe that in our sport there is no routine, everything is constantly changing, every day is different from the previous one, you will never enter the turn the same way, and the turn will never be the same… That’s what’s great about skiing. The main incentive for me is passion. Not fame, not money, not even victory… This is what I love about my work, what I do. I like to communicate with my teammates. I like to train… I still like to train. I love skiing. Every day, almost every day. This is my only motivation. The day she’s gone, I think it’s time for me to do something else.

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