World Cup calendar 2020/2021: what will it be like?


The early end of the winter season of the world Cup in Alpine skiing not only mixed all the cards, but also left a lot of questions about the upcoming season. Among the most discussed topics in the FIS is possible changes to the calendar of the Alpine skiing world Cup in the upcoming season.

We are talking about a possible reduction in the number of ski resorts where the world Cup stages are planned. Last season, the race was held at 34 resorts in 15 countries. Now we are considering the option of reducing the geography of competitions and, as a result, reducing the number of forced relocations of their participants, taking into account the coronavirus factor. That is, in those countries where the risk of infection will remain high enough, the competition may not be considered appropriate. But to ensure that the number of races does not decrease, and the chances of world Cup participants remain equal in the fight for the highest awards, such competitions can be pre-planned in another, safer place. or even hold races with some breaks at the same several resorts. The appearance of spare options will not only equalize the chances of athletes, but also reduce the number of their moves from place to place. The main goal is to successfully complete the entire season.

What the results of this discussion will be in the end, and how they will affect the calendar of ski competitions of the upcoming season, time will tell, before the first stage of the world Cup it is still there.

It is still unclear whether the Alpine skiing world Cup will be held in Italy in Cortina d’ampezzo in February 2021. Everything is ready for the world championship, however, Italy is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, and it is not yet clear whether everything will be carried out according to plan. Perhaps a “plan B” will be developed, in particular, the holding of races without spectators is discussed, but it is clear that this option will suit few people.


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