Wengen may disappear from the world Cup calendar


One of the most spectacular and legendary races of the world Cup in Alpine skiing – “Lauberhorn race” in Wengen (Switzerland) in the near future, they may disappear from the calendar of FIS ski competitions. Traditional competitions that celebrated their 90th anniversary this year may no longer be part of the world Cup in the winter of 2021/22. The reason for this is the conflict between the Swiss ski Federation (Swiss-Ski) and the organizing Committee of the race.

Today, this cancellation was initiated by Swiss-Ski during an online FIS Alpine Meeting. Since Ernst Goetsch founded the race in 1930, legendary competitions have been held in Wengen. The “Lauberhorn race” on the world Cup’s longest downhill track is a ski classic along with competitions in Val Gardena, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Kitzbuhel and Val d`Isere. Cancellation in the upcoming winter is not possible, since the calendar has already been approved by the FIS.

Swiss-Ski’s comment on the exclusion of the 2021/22 Lauberhorn race from the long-term FIS Alpine skiing world Cup calendar reads as follows: “for some time there have been differences of opinion regarding marketing between Swiss-Ski and the Wengen organizing Committee. Swiss-Ski can no longer meet the financial requirements set by the organizing Committee in Wengen.” As the case is pending before the International court of sport (CAS), no further information was provided in this regard.

In response to this situation, Swiss-Ski added “SUI” (Switzerland) to the FIS long-term calendar for the 2021/22 season, opposite the dates when the “Lauberhorn races” are usually held (the second half of January). The distribution of world Cup competitions by resort is the responsibility of national federations, so Swiss-Ski is responsible for holding competitions in Switzerland. The Federation intends to minimize the risks associated with holding competitions in Wengen, starting from 2022 onwards. By removing Wengen from the FIS long-term calendar, Swiss-Ski takes responsibility for racing on these dates. It is important for the Federation to keep the race on the territory of Switzerland (perhaps, after all, on the Lauberhorn) on cost-effective terms.

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