Skiers are against postponing the world Cup


After the announcement of Italy’s request to postpone the world Cup in Alpine skiing for a year, many leading skiers spoke out against this idea. The decision on when the 2021 world Cup will be held will be made on July 1. Recall that the organizing Committee of the competition suggested that the FIS move the world championship for more than a year – from February 2021 to March 2022. Initially, the 2021 world Cup was scheduled in Cortina d’ampezzo, but due to funding problems after the coronavirus pandemic, the Italians asked to postpone the competition.

Many leading athletes have already come out against this idea. In particular, Italian Federica Brignone and Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud have already spoken out against the transfer. A little later, they were joined by the best Swiss slalomist Daniel Juhl. He believes that holding two major international tournaments in one winter – the 2022 Olympics in China and the world Cup in Cortina-is unacceptable. In his opinion, the championship will be in the shadow of the Olympics and will not cause traditionally high interest in the media. In addition, Daniel fears that the skiers will be subjected to an unprecedented high load: they will have to keep the optimal sports form virtually throughout the winter season, which is almost impossible for the vast majority of them.

As an alternative, Yul suggested moving the world Cup to 2024 (thus, two world Championships will be held in a row – in 2023 and 2024).

Two other strong athletes joined the group of those dissatisfied with the possible postponement of the world Cup. The Frenchman Johan Klare and the German Josef Verstl believe that it is not wise to hold two such major competitions in the same winter season (the Olympic Games and the world Cup), and even with a short interval. Any other competition, even world-class, will inevitably remain in the shadow of the Olympics, which takes place every four years, and, therefore, financial and image losses will be great, according to athletes.

Klare, who is already 39 years old, of course, thinks about whether he will play at major tournaments in two years – in all likelihood, the 2021 world Cup in Cortina was supposed to be the last for him in his career. Johan noted that if the financial problems of the world Cup in Cortina are really so serious, the FIS could consider providing financial, economic and organizational support instead of postponing the championship. In any case, according to the Frenchman, this is better than holding two major events one after the other. In the meantime, Klare is preparing for the upcoming season on the glacier in Les Deux Alpes, reports

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