Since may 11 Switzerland opens mountains and climbing walls


From Monday, may 11, Switzerland begins the procedure of gradual withdrawal from the quarantine regime.
Among other things, the Swiss Alpine club (Club Alpin Suisse / CAS) reported that from this date, all mountain huts in the country can resume their activities, subject to compliance with the Federal safety Directive, concerning, in particular, hygiene and distance rules,as well as protection measures for tourists and employees, etc.

Thus, the CAS decision relies on the sense of responsibility of each visitor to the mountains.
In fact, the basic rules to follow can be summarized as follows: every tourist who plans to visit mountain huts must pass pre-registration and strictly adhere to the safety rules (including with regard to sanitary and anti-epidemiological norms and rules). Without prior registration of visitors, access to mountain huts will be closed. Access will also be denied to those tourists who are unwell.

Visitors must have individual protective masks, disinfectant and a towel with them. As well as a sleeping bag, without which it will be impossible to spend the night in the hut.

In addition, since may 11, climbing walls are opened in Switzerland, visitors of which must also adhere to sanitary and anti-epidemiological norms and rules.

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